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Getting been only at that for any couple of years, I recieve a number of demands from buddies around the globe to speak about their bands. If only I’d time to pay for everyone , I’m not a gatekeeper nor will i consider myself somebody that is tuned directly into everything being released. I gravitate towards rock ‘n’ roll it’s things i am most aware of , garage , psychobilly, rockabilly cow-punk Billy Childish, Dirtbombs , Gories , Goner, Slovenly, Get Hip, Hidden Volume , Rum Bar anyway this track by Vibrant Youthful People experienced my attention with a few serious name shedding, The Libertines, The Vibrators and so i created the minutes to obtain this to everyone, crank up and rejoice in understanding that rock ‘n’ roll has been forwarded to a brand new generation which children are all of the stars of tomorrow and also you heard everything first at 50thirdand3rd.

Signed to Gary Powell from the Libertines label ’25 Hour Convenience Store’ – they’ve unleashed the recording for his or her completely new single ‘Suppress Happiness’ that was recorded & created by former Vibrators guitarist Pat Collier.

Filled with more swagger than the usual mid-’90s Gallagher brother, the brilliant sounds of North Wales guitar bandits Vibrant Youthful Individuals have come knocking firmly in the door with new single ‘Suppress Happiness’.

The Rhyl 3-piece made this kind of overwhelming first impression on Gary Powell from the Libertines he signed them as much as his label 25 Hour Convenience Store around the place after witnessing their near-riotous show at London’s Shacklewell Arms this past year. Their latest offering sees the trio ramp their engines as much as full throttle because they rock by helping cover their all guns blazing. Keep an ear out for that deliciously woozy Kim Deal-esque bass rumbling along although the brazen guitar lines make you the party area. The song hits full-current once the Chorus takes over and also the band funnel prime era Nirvana to produce a seem that’s both effective and appealing in equal measure.

Lead singer and guitarist Lee Dawson explains how he sees the song happening: “I personally want individuals to paint their very own picture from the content around the song, sometimes it’s better to not give an excessive amount of away. I guess you are able to repeat the chorus ‘Yeah seriously and employ me possess some fun’ often means an individual being cheated for the money, being manipulated or blackmailed in some manner. Also sturdy realising there is nothing around forever, ie the lyric ‘I know every breath I take, yet another I lose.”

Despite only developing a few years ago, rock ‘n roll royalty for example Iggy Pop, Duff McKagan and Glen Matlock happen to be singing the band’s praises. Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch loved this guitar rock band a lot he created as well as performed around the band’s debut single ‘Liberties’ – not necessarily a bad feather within their cap!

Vibrant Youthful People also provide bragging legal rights around the radio front with Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and Radio X’s John Kennedy all playing multiple tracks in the band’s newest release ‘Sunshine Town EP’. When we’re in internet marketing we’d better also let you know they’ve also formerly shared a stage with the kind of The Libertines, The OffSpring and Catfish and also the Bottlemen because they still spread their fuzz-punk seem noisally and proudly.

This latest single ‘Suppress Happiness’ was recorded & created by former Vibrators guitarist Pat Collier which just would go to further cement the truth that Vibrant Youthful Individuals are hitting it solid using their rapid ascent into the field of dirty-as-you-like rock ‘n roll.


18th Feb 2017 – Night & Day, Manchester

24th Feb 2017 – Zanzibar, Liverpool

16th March 2017 – The Monarch, London

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