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  • 10. Baruch Spinoza – IQ level: 175
  • 9. Michelangelo – IQ level: 177
  • 8. Desiderius Erasmus – IQ level: 177
  • 7. Rene Descartes – IQ level: 177
  • 6. Galileo Galilei – IQ level: 182
  • 5. John Stuart Mill – IQ level: 182.5
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10. Baruch Spinoza – IQ level: 175


A Nederlander philosopher. He was one of the primary to put lower the building blocks of age Enlightenment that saw science challenged the established order from the Church. Age brought to great leaps within the fields of science, politics, and financial aspects, spearheaded by amongst others, Spinoza’s magnum opus, the Ethics, which challenges the authenticity from the Hebrew bible.

9. Michelangelo – IQ level: 177


Tied using the French philosopher is yet another Italian Renaissance man, the sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer, Michelangelo.  Famed for his masterpieces, namely David, Pieta, Sistine Chapel, The Final Judgment, and The development of Adam. Most professionals even contended he’s the finest artist ever, a subjective account though not without substance thinking about his contributions towards the High Renaissance art.

8. Desiderius Erasmus – IQ level: 177


A Nederlander humanist, theologian, social critic. He would be a strong advocate of spiritual tolerance throughout the Reformation age, when Catholics and Protestants were each and every other’s throat. Using humanist techniques, he prepared a brand new batch of Latin and Greek editions from the New Testament, which may become influential materials in this tumultuous time. Although critical from the Church, Erasmus maintained his Catholic belief, believing the Catholic hierarchy might be reformed internally with no need to create an kind belief.

7. Rene Descartes – IQ level: 177


In France They philosopher, math wizzard, and author. He’s known as the daddy of contemporary Philosophy due to his writings. Particularly, the Meditations on First Philosophy continues to be a typical reference in universities all over the world. He’s also famous for his mathematical contributions, particularly the Cartesian coordinate system as well as for bridging algebra and geometry that made the introduction of calculus possible.

6. Galileo Galilei – IQ level: 182


An Italian Man , physicist, astronomer, math wizzard, philosopher. He’s most widely known for giving us the telescope. But that’s only a mere speck in the wide-reaching scientific achievements, namely the invention of planetary objects for example Callisto, Galilean moons, Europa, Ganymede, and Io. He seemed to be accountable for confirming through actual observation the heliocentrism nature from the solar system—the sun is in the center and also the planets center around it—putting him in the crosshair from the Inquisition throughout his time.

5. John Stuart Mill – IQ level: 182.5


An British philosopher and political economist. He’s most widely known for his influential contributions to liberalism, the thought of individual freedom as opposed to unfettered condition control in handling the economy. The Mill’s technique is also broadly used today to reach a conclusion via induction, something that lawyers and scientists used in evolving their arguments.

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