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Tmep 1202.03: refusal on foundation of ornamentation, march. 2015 erectile dysfunction. (bitlaw)

Subject material that’s just an ornamental feature doesn’t identify and distinguish the applicant’s goods and, thus, doesn’t function like a trademark. An ornamental feature can include words, designs, slogans, or trade dress. This trouble ought to be declined registration since it is just ornamentation and, therefore, doesn’t be the trademark, as needed by §§1, 2, …

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Day 6: what exists is just imputed by mind

What’s that ‘week’ is little else, nothing other, except what’s just imputed through the mind. Is certainly not other except what’s just imputed by mind. So, again, exists in only name and it is empty from the side, so becomes an very subtle phenomenon, the actual way it is existing. So, now: day. Week is …

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