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Our Worth A Listen Track Now Originates From Vibrant Youthful People

North Wales guitar band Vibrant Youthful People have released their new single ‘Suppress Happiness’. The Rhyl 3-piece made this kind of overwhelming first impression on Gary Powell from the Libertines he signed them as much as his label 25 Hour Convenience Store around the place after witnessing their near-riotous show at London’s Shacklewell Arms this past year. Despite only developing a few years ago, rock ‘n roll royalty for example Iggy Pop, Duff McKagan and Glen Matlock happen to be singing the band’s praises. Echo & The Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch loved this guitar rock band a lot he created as well as performed around the band’s debut single ‘Liberties’. Vibrant Youthful Individuals have also had Radio 1’s Huw Stephens, 6Music’s Steve Lamacq and Radio X’s John Kennedy all playing multiple tracks in the band’s newest release ‘Sunshine Town EP’. They’ve also formerly shared a stage with the kind of The Libertines, The OffSpring and Catfish and also the Bottlemen.

This latest single ‘Suppress Happiness‘ was recorded and created by former Vibrators guitarist Pat Collier. Its full throttle rock created by the thrilling shrill of distorted guitars. Darkened steamy verses bleed along a woozy hazy rumbling bass. Because the brooding vocals give a chilling spine-tingling eerie effect. The seductive guitar lines lure you having a brazen sultry sway-like wispy quality. The track blasts right into a ruckus causing frenzied chorus that screams for heavy moshing inside a sticky mosh pit. ‘Suppress Happiness’ is really a effective appealing moody explosion of passion and intense emotion having a Nirvana- esque vibe. Its dirty gritty rock that have a live audience going wild.

You are able to catch Vibrant Youthful People live here

18th Feb 2017 – Night & Day, Manchester

24th Feb 2017 – Zanzibar, Liverpool

16th March 2017 – The Monarch, London

Discover the shocking truth for ‘Suppress Happiness’ below


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