Air animal totems: soaring towards the height of understanding

Because you will read within their descriptions, Air Animal Totems possess a penchant for assisting us in matters of greater understanding. Air to be the most ethereal of elements, it’s

understandable the creatures who inhabit it can lend the very best knowledge of it’s invisible ways. Nearest towards the heavens, air creatures are our very best allies because they herald

our wants to the gods within the skies.

Air animal totems will also be indicating strength (both mental and physical) and sovereignty. Essential traits, particularly if we are experiencing new transitions or surroundings within our lives.

If air animal totems are catching your attention, you need to feel totally heartened by their presence. Allow their spirit to improve your confidence, and help remind you the ultimate

power is at this present, unseen moment. Air creatures are great omens, as well as their appearance is sort of a wink from god.

This is a listing of air animal totems about which I have written a couple of symbolic meanings and totem ideas. Click the image or even the blue bold links to gain access to their individual meanings.

In-Site Links to Air Animal Totems and Symbolic Bird Meanings

animal symbolism of the bat Bat Totem

Don’t allow this creature freak you out of trouble. Whenever you take time to find out about its animal meaning, you will find the bat is a superb totem to possess in your corner! Learn more here.


symbolic meaning of blackbirds Black Wild birds

Symbolic concept of blackbirds in the transformative outlook during atmosphere and color. Learn more meaning of black wild birds.


animal symbolism of the blue jay Blue Jay Totem

May be the blue jay your animal totem? Learn about much more about your pet meaning from the blue jay and character traits that attract it as being a totem. Learn more here.


symbolism of cardinal Animal Meaning of Cardinal

Allow the animal meaning from the cardinal bring a vibrant, fresh perspective to your existence. Find out more here in this article.


dove symbolism Dove Meaning

Discover why the dove is connected with maternal attributions in addition to promise and hope. Find out more here in this article.


bird dream meaning Dream Wild birds

Were built with a bird dream? Acquire some ideas and insights into its meaning here. Includes recommendations for specific bird meanings in dreams too. Learn more about this site.


eagle meaning Bald eagle Meaning

Uncover symbolic bald eagle meaning here. Includes tips about how to interact with your bald eagle totem energy. Learn more about this site.


symbolism of falcon Meaning from the Falcon

The Falcon animal totem involves us whenever we require greater vision, or greater understanding in solving current dilemas within our lives. Learn more here.


symbolism of the feather Meaning from the Feather

Down have lengthy held many meanings for a lot of cultures. Uncover a few of the many symbol concept of down here.


bird meaning of finch Concept of Finch

A tumble from my roof provided new perspective on bird concept of the finch. Take a look here.


symbolism of Goose Meaning from the Goose

There’s nothing silly concerning the animal meaning from the goose. On the other hand, the Marines can use the goose being an animal totem! Learn more here.


Meaning of Heron Symbolic Concept of Herons

Go Zen, and explore the symbolic concept of the Heron. This short article addresses styles of intelligence, persistence and being contained in as soon as using the heron totem. Learn more about the heron here.


symbolism of hummingbird Hummingbird Meanings

These little creatures pack a effective punch of jubilation and celebration! Obtain a happy jolt in the hummingbird in this article.


symbolism of magpie Magpie Meaning

If the magpie is the animal totem, or you are just interested in this unique creature, this Magpie Symbolic Meanings website gives you a great base of knowledge on magpie meaning. Learn more about this site.


mother bird symbolism Mother Bird Meaning

The bird world is an ideal place to consider great types of motherhood. Read this page on mother bird meaning here.


symbolism of Owl Owl Meanings

Insightful, wise, protective, mystical: Animal meaning from the owl is deep and intense. Learn more about this site.


peacock symbolism Peacock Meaning

As though its stunning physical beauty were not enough, the peacock offers an array of other symbolic meanings which go beyond its glorious appearance. Learn more here


symbolic pelican meaning Pelican Meaning

Got Pelicans diving to your emotional waters? It may be a note. Take a look page about symbolic Pelican meaning for potential knowledge this excellent water bird has to express. Learn more here


symbolism of pheasant Pheasant Meanings

Would you consider sexuality whenever you consider the pheasant? This site could make you re-think your pet meaning associated with the amorous bird! Learn more about this site.


raven symbolism Raven Meaning

Raven meaning, including Native American, Greco-Roman, Celtic and Jungian ideas around the symbolic concept of ravens. Learn more about this site.


symbolism of a robin Concept of Robin

Understand the animal meaning from the red robin, and just what this means if this goes bob bob bobbin through our way of life. Learn more about this site.


symbolism of rooster Rooster Meaning

Roosters have ample good reasons to be cocky! From dream meanings to cultural emblems, the symbol meanings from the rooster are significant and interesting! Learn more about this site.


symbolism of sparrow Symbolic Sparrow Meanings

Simple, delicate, charming, there’s lots to like about these little wild birds. Learn more about symbolic sparrow meaning here. Learn more about this site.


symbolism of swan Swan Meaning and Meaning

An indisputable indication of beauty, uncover more swan meaning, including Celtic perspectives and swans in dreams. Learn more about this site.


animal symbolism of turkey Poultry Meaning

Gobble up all of the fascinating animal meaning from the poultry, and find out more about what messages this bird has for you personally!

Learn more about this site.


vulture symbolism Vulture Meanings

Observations and bird concept of vulture including Roman, Egyptian, Native American (not to mention, personal) perspectives of the mysterious creature in this article.


wing symbolism Concept of Wings

Interested in this is of wings? Walk-through the meanings here. Includes meanings of wings on angels, mythical creatures, meanings of wings in dreams and much more.


woodpecker symbolism Woodpecker Meaning

Once the woodpecker knocks on the awareness, what’s the message? Learn some of the symbolic concept of woodpecker

in this article.


wren symbolism Wren Meaning (a Celtic pespective)

Lighten your heart, be kind, be friendly, these and much more uplifting sentiments about this Celtic meanings for wren page

found here.

I think you’ll enjoy searching with these air animal totem pages.


A Message from Raven and Crow (Animal Totems and Spirit Guides series)


6812Angela: me

Corbin Bishop: I believe the crow/raven spirit has been calling me for something, I've been trying to understand it. This video was very informative.

JIII J: Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter,\nIn there stepped a stately raven of the saintly days of yore;\nNot the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he;\nBut, with mien of lord or lady, perched above my chamber door —\nPerched upon a bust of Pallas just above my chamber door —\nPerched, and sat, and nothing more. Love the raven

Jordana Van: <3  I used to teach "The Raven" in my creative writing classes when I was a teacher a bazillion years ago.  It's still one of my faves.  Thank you so much for sharing a bit, JIII; it was a delight to read again.  Love and blessings!  Jordana

Robert Bernfeld: I always learn new things when I view your videos Jor. This one is excellent.

Jordana Van: Wow, Dad, that is high praise; I'm honored!  I am actually surprised that this one resonated with you!  Much love and big hugs and you and S!  Happy Fourth!

grooste2009: I have crows around me most of the day. They wait for me. I give them food. Wen its very hot cold water. Even 1000 meters from home. Some of the bird know me. They don't fly away from me. For other humans they fly away. I can get close as 1 meter. They same to like me :). For years now! I handle them like friends! They very smart birds! I feel very happy wen the near me! Some of relaxation!

Jordana Van: <3 <3 <3  Thank you for sharing this,  grooste!  Many feathered blessings to  you!  Jordana

Morrígan Aesir: Just my opinion: Raven personality is a heavy, caustic, intensely cerebral energy. I see too many fluffy bunny types with higher EQ than IQ trying to claim it. Peace love light, neo-Freudian junk, YUCK. Money =/= god. I perform transformational healing too. Raven medicine is heavy, soul-rending stuff. There's only one variety. (ego)death medicine which takes you directly back to the source. That's my mojo^^

Jordana Van: Thank you for sharing, Morrigan!  I agree with you to a certain extent: Raven absofrigginlutely helps you obliterate the ego (personal experience talking.  UGH.  Heavy, heavy,  heavy, Dark Night of the Soul, OhdearGodWhenIsItGoingToBeOVERICan'tTakeThePainAnymore yeeeeears of experience!), and when he shows up, hell yes, transformation is a'coming!  BUT at the end of that, you arrive at a place of peace, love, and light,  in which you recognize all the ways that your freaked out, traumatized ego was preventing you from  having the things that you wanted, including the money to enjoy life in the way that feels best for you.  In my experience, it's one big circle, as most things are <3  Wishing you whatever pleases you  most, and  much joy and success in your healing practice!  Cheers and blessings! Jordana