40 wine descriptions and just what they mean

40 wine descriptions and just what they mean CIGAR BOX



A wine that’s referred to as tasting like charcoal tastes gritty, it’s usually dry (with greater tannins) and it has this rustic flavor. Charcoal is frequently connected having a similar characteristic: pencil lead (but less refined).


Whenever you have a sip of wine with soft tannins, it gets dry the inside of the mouth so you “chew” or clean the tannins from the insides of the mouth.


Cigar box flavors are meaning toward sweetness and cedar plank-wood with a good amount of smoke. This can be a super positive and desirable characteristic that wine authors like to use once they look for a wine they want they might just gradually sip on the leather chair.


An intricate wine only denotes that whenever you taste it, the taste changes as soon as you taste it towards the moment you swallow. Around I really like complex wines, while using word “complex” to explain a wines are a cop-out unless of course you will continue to describe how it’s complex.


Creamy is a well-liked description for white-colored wines and sparkling wines fermented or aged in oak. In Champagne, creamy is really a favored characteristic that’s connected using the famous bottles of bubbly…such as Krug. A creamy wine might be partly due to something known as Malo-Lactic conversion. Search for creamy in chardonnay if you want buttery. Search for creamy in cabernet sauvignon if you want smooooth.


The term Crisp with wines are more frequently accustomed to describe a white-colored wine. A crisp wine is probably simple but goes very well having a porch swing on the hot day.


Whenever a wine author pairs lower his extended description of flavors and characteristics of the wine into a word, he makes use of dense. Dense is favored to be used in bold red wines for example cabernet sauvignon, Côtes du Rhône and Brunello di Montalcino truly isn’t an optimistic characteristic in other wines since it signifies that wines are handicapped.


A vintage go-to maneuver for any wine author attempting to describe that awkward eco-friendly and uncomfortable finish on the wine. They shouldn’t hate around the wine, they simply would like you to understand that should you not such as the wine this means you do not like earthy and you’re a poor person.


Whenever a wine author states elegant he implies that your wine isn’t big, NOT fruity, NOT opulent and never bold. Off-vintages are frequently known as elegant vintages because they have greater acidity and generally have more ‘green’ characteristics. Elegant wines may taste like crap once they first release they also have a tendency to age better. Elegant is the fact that upon the market ballerina who puts body fat-n-sassy upon the market cheerleaders to shame.

40 wine descriptions and just what they mean Soft TANNINS

Whenever youFAT

Wide, Big, Massive, Opulent: All of these are similar synonyms of fat. Ends up fat may be the least desirable famous them because it’s flabby. A fat wine is available in and occupies all of the room inside your mouth and hangs in awkward places.


Flabby means your wine doesn’t have acidity. It’s an adverse connotation so don’t express it to some wine maker! They’ll spear you using their forklift.


A flamboyant wines are looking to get your attention with a good amount of fruit. The author senses this and calls it. Serious.


Think of the iron-laden experience of getting a bit of raw steak inside your mouth that’s fleshy.

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40 wine descriptions and just what they mean an adverse connotation so don

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