Vibrant eyes lyrics – haligh, haligh, wrong, haligh

Vibrant eyes lyrics - haligh, haligh, wrong, haligh lock of hair you
The telephone slips from the loose grip

Words were missed then, some apology

I did not want to let you know this

No, it is simply some guy she has been spending time with

I’m not sure, yesteryear couple days I suppose

Well, thanks and the telephone

Allow the funeral start

Hear the casket close

Let us pin split-black ribbon for your overcoat

Well, laughter flows from under doorways

Within this house, I do not realize that seem forget about

Appears artificial, just like a T.V. set

Well, haligh, haligh, wrong, haligh

This weight it should be satisfied

You are offering just one reply

You realize not that which you do

However, you tear and tear hair from roots

Of this same mind you’ve two times removed now

A lock of hair you stated would prove

Our love would not die

Well ha ha ha

I recall everything

The language we spoke on freezing South Street

And all sorts of individuals mornings watching you prepare for school

You combed hair within that mirror

The main one you colored blue and glued with jewellery tears

Something about individuals vibrant colors

Would always cause you to feel better

However we consult with destroyed tongues

And also the words we are saying aren’t intended for anybody

It is simply a mumbled sentence to some passing acquaintance

But there is when you

You stated you hate my suffering

And also you understood

And you’d take proper care of me

You’d continually be there

Well where are you currently now?

Haligh, haligh, wrong, haligh

The plans weren’t finalized

But left to hold like yarn and twine

Dangling before my eyes

While you tear and tear hair from roots

Of this same mind you’ve two times removed now

A lock of hair you stated would prove

Vibrant eyes lyrics - haligh, haligh, wrong, haligh lack    

He states the optionsOur love would not die

And That I sing and sing of awful things

The pleasure that my sadness brings

As my fingers press to the strings

In another clumsy chord

Haligh, haligh, a terrible lie

This weight would certainly be satisfied

I am gonna provide you with just one reply

I understand not who I’m

However I talk within the mirror

Towards the stranger that seems

Our conversations are circles

Always one sided

There is nothing obvious

Except we revisit

For this and therefore I lack

He states the options received

Isn’t it about time live them

Or simply not live

But would you like that?

Vibrant eyes lyrics - haligh, haligh, wrong, haligh And That

Bright Eyes – Haligh, Haligh, a Lie, Haligh (lyrics in the description)


conajmniejdwielitery: it is scary how accurate, powerful and imaginative at the same time can conor's lyrics be.

sillyggs: Conor oberst is a lyrical genius

Forever Alone: "As my fingers press onto the strings\nIn yet another clumsy chord"

Elsgared 81: This song brings back so much very very old memories of my past, such a great, powerful & incredible song that feelings are perfectly put into words

Andrew Smith: This song will kill me one day! :)

Dan Shaffer: you'd always be there, but where are you nooooooowwwwww???

Cai: Great music. Sometimes I wish the lyrics weren't so cloying. But then it wouldn't be bright eyes, and I probably wouldn't have liked it as much when I was 15.

boogie googie: exactly. lol I feel the same way. lol

flouridehead06 GREATEST OF ALL TIME: i know not who i am

Boy Oh: i wanna write as good as this guy