Stupid question 123: exactly what is a polyglot programmer and really should we be one? » iris classon

Stupid question 123: exactly what is a polyglot programmer and really should we be one? » iris classon united states

Then when I began programming Irrrve never quite got why you might limit her or himself to simply one language or platform. But many developers I met would religiously preach one language or platform, completely trashing every other possible option – with no appreciation, understanding or understanding for that alternatives.

And That I just lately read your blog publish that claims that “ployglotism may be the worst idea I’ve ever heard”, starting with the saying:

Allow me to begin off as being a little facetious after some tongue in cheek…I’m a united states. I’ve you don’t need to speak another language because well, I speak British. 99% from the western world speaks British so WTF must i ever learn another language?- devloper and blogger

Then he lists some problems, which I’m sure seem sensible (to some extent) for example maintenance, refactoring, installation and support. These arguments are when it comes to polyglot software.

However I still don’t agree, the advantages of learning different languages, and also the evidence supporting the advantages, is perfect for me too large to disregard, and for that reason I have started to the final outcome that it should be advantageous in my experience like a programmer too. Even though I am not sure the way i experience hardcore polyglot software, I fully embrace the thought of learning several programming languages fluently. What will i know, I’m just 551 days in.

For me personally a polyglot programmer is really a programmer that’s fluent in a number of languages, also understanding how and where they’re best used (occur context).

For me personally I’m able to only begin to see the following causes of hesitant to become familiar with a new language:

1.Afraid to leave enhanced comfort zone – reduce feeling of risk ( and to some extent dissonance reduction)

2.Social inertia- (social pressure convincing you there’s just one ‘right thing’ )

3.Some kind of Dunning Kruger effect in RE towards the language and also the person– being unsure of that which you have no idea results in you thinking long all

4.Honestly not seeing the advantage or even the need / arguing using the claimed benefits

5.Believing that the mind is restricted in the capacity (really- learning something totally new increases our capability to learn and don’t forget) or similar

6.Time constraint – or believing/feeling there’s a period constraint

Stupid question 123: exactly what is a polyglot programmer and really should we be one? » iris classon concerns about polyglotism, when7.Scared they’ll enjoy it greater than the present language/framework they use (dissonance reduction again)

I’m very curious what your opinion is

1.How can you define a polyglot programmer

2.What is the advantage of being one, what exactly are they?

3.So why do some many be put off by learning a brand new language / preach just one language?

4.What are the real concerns about polyglotism, when it comes to software and also the developer?