Polyglot programming — rise in multiple languages

Polyglot programming -- rise in multiple languages to your ideas
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  • What are the benefits? [Discussed at 1:39]
  • How polyglot programming has affected software development recently [Discussed at 4:25]
  • Disadvantages in polyglot programming? Do you know the trade-offs? [Discussed at 6:22]
  • Guidelines when beginning in polyglot programming [Discussed at 8:58]
  • Where’s polyglot going? The pervasiveness of JavaScript… [Discussed at 10:32]
  • Sources to keep on trends and technology [Discussed at 12:48]
  • So, what is polyglot programming? Beyond being something incredibly hard to say many occasions consecutively, polyglot programming is using different programming languages, frameworks, services and databases for developing individual applications. Whether you’re creating a multilingual web application at the office, or attempting to win a presidential campaign, the opportunity to possess a working understanding in excess of one language has become much more of essential.

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    Within the coming days, I’ll be searching more in the disruptive and innovative results of polyglot programming inside the industry, and I’m interested to listen to your ideas. You think your polyglot programmer? What languages and frameworks are you currently using? What benefits and challenges have you ever found?

    Resourse: http://radar.oreilly.com/2013/11/

    Teen Speaks Over 20 Languages

    Video COMMENTS:

    badreligion292: I hope this kid grows up to become Daniel from Stargate SG1

    Michael Evans: +badreligion292 yes please

    kippensaus20: before i watched this video i read the title, and i was 100% sure he coudn't speak dutch ''yet''. en ja hoor, ik had gelijk ;))

    Kuro Neko: you sir are amazing. I'm barely bilingual

    Nickscan77: mantenere apprendimento della lingua italiana di romanticismo

    lynch: Currently I can speak English (my native language is Russian), German, Mandarin. Studying Swedish and Japanese, soon going to pick up Arabic and Spanish. Thanks for inspiration, Tim!

    Gabrielle Cruz: I have watched so much anime i have watched over the years and i cant speak Japanese. SMH \n

    Klanwari i: Nem hiszem, hogy Magyarul is tudja, az kutya egy nehéz nyelv, és nem hiszem,hogy az a 20 nyelv közé tartozik, amit megtanult :)

    Daniel: Most inspiring Polyglot ever.

    jess mill: Awesome! i know three languages and was trying to choose between Japanese and Korean maybe i should learn both!