Shade Nederlander scade, Nederlander schaduw

Middle British schade, Kentish ssed, from late Old British scead "partial darkness shelter, protection," also partially from sceadu "shade, shadow, darkness shady place, arbor, defense against glare or heat," both from Proto-Germanic *skadwaz (cf. Old Saxon skado, Middle Nederlander scade, Nederlander schaduw, Old High German scato, German Schatten, Medieval skadus), from Cake *skot-wo-, from root *skot- "dark, shade" (cf. Greek skotos "darkness, gloom," Albanian kot "darkness," Old Irish scath, Old Welsh scod, Breton squeut "darkness," Gaelic sgath "shade, shadow, shelter").

Figurative use within mention of the comparative obscurity comes from 1640s. Meaning "a ghost" comes from 1610s dramatic (or mock-dramatic) expression "shades of _____" to invoke or acknowledge a memory comes from 1818, in the "ghost" sense. Meaning "lamp cover" comes from 1780. Feeling of "window blind" first recorded 1845. Meaning "cover to safeguard your eyesInch comes from 1801. Meaning "grade of color" first recorded 1680s those of "degree or gradiation of darkness inside a color" comes from 1680s (cf. nuance, from French nue "cloud"). Meaning "bit or degree" comes from 1782.

Shade arbor, defense against glare orResourse:

Fifth Harmony Girls THROW SHADE at Camila Cabello: "We're in a Better Place Now"


Diamanti Davis: Fifth Harmony Is Better Without Camila Cabello It Was Like She Was Never In The Grouo

TheTwilightzone: Diamanti Davis were bishes lol

Barbara Gomez: Fifth Harmony is nothing, without Camila lol. Camila Forever!!

REBORNMAMASINCE 2014: I'm sad she left 😭😭 but she has great music

Apeksha Singh: Camilla is the best never quit luv u

RayRihanna22: No I actually love her but she left there careers and lives up in the air just to serve her own ambitions! Good singer and artist but that was a snake move on her part!

Amber Sticker: RayRihanna22 okay now I'm confused if you love her then why do you say that she's the best snake and not something like I love her but that was a snake move

M.A.J 09: Camila is better withOUT them! Camila, I'm sure has no time to even pay any mind to them. She is on top of her game and she is very talented ❤❤

Camila: M.A.J 09 agree 100%

bebexxx msp: she ight