Polish legends – baba yaga (british cc available) : videos

Polish legends - baba yaga (british cc available) : videos to Czechs or even

My mistake, I group Rods with Eastern Slavs due to their historic closeness and cultural similarity using the former Russian Empire (they did control Ukraine for a while). I am unfamiliar with how, or maybe, the storyplot is told in other Western Slavic nations, or even the Southern Slavic nations. Being Eastern-Slavic myself, I’d state that the Rods tend to be nearer to us culturally compared to Czechs or even the Slovaks.

Baba Yaga’s fable is told in lots of, a number of ways. I am part Russian and part Ukrainian, growing up I heard different tales and various versions based on which grandma and grandpa I had been spending the summer time with. Generally though, The trainer told us she’d only come for that bad kids that do not obey their parents.

I have not heard the "Slavic Goddess" version, I’d suppose because of the strict Christianity prevalent in the area following the dark ages, this type of fable could have been viewed as "questionnable nonsense". I’d wager that they most likely would be a goddess in ancient occasions, and grew to become a witch after Christianity arrived (similar to the questionnable traditions and rituals from the Celts were considered "satanic" after Christianity showed up).

Polish legends - baba yaga (british cc available) : videos various versions based on

My own favourite form of the storyline involves Baba Yaga as being a wise sage (a lot like a Slavic oracle of Delphi) who advises the heroes of numerous tales, but simply like German folklore, Slavic folklore is basically centered on cautionary, terrifying fables to scare kids into submission.

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Baba Yaga – Witch of the Wilds | Monsters of the Week


CaptainP12: Baba Yaga, John Wick as the first thing I thought of

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Mike Lcml5c: Вася Бубликов I agree with you, but are you sure the author of this channel is not native? He speaks clearly with a slight accent and clearly has a commanding knowledge of the material.

Ivan Draws: Ragnar, your russian pronunciation is pretty decent!

RagnarRox: спасибо! :)

Анна Возняк: Baba Yaga is sometimes mentioned with Koschei the Deathless who's also an important part of Russian fairy tales

Talgat Khamit: John Wick should have been called Koshei

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