Vibrant youthful things – one youthful world 2014 dublin

Vibrant youthful things – one youthful world 2014 dublin World Ambassador

The Main One Youthful World summit is really a platform that allows youthful individuals from over 190 nations for connecting, share ideas, study from one another, engage global leaders, and, ultimately, collaborate to alter the planet for that better like a single, indomitable pressure. Also it was using these goals in your mind that certain Youthful World Ambassador Rebaz Zedbagi setup The Rwanga Social Startup Competition, growing social business through mentoring, financial reward and chance by permitting youthful entrepreneurs to showcase their social strategic business plan to some global audience.

This season&#x2019s finalists were a remarkable group. Khizr Imran Tajammul, from Pakistan, spoke about his company, Jaan, and it is pursuit to thwart the power crisis through affordable, indigenously designed energy products while Russian Regina Valiullina showcased Eco-friendly and Clean, a company model that provides underprivileged children the opportunity to wash their clothes cheaply and without harming the atmosphere. Dean Benjamin spoke about his growing organization Imagine.Nation, in Nigeria, which utilizes technology-based education like a tool for systematically fighting poverty while Lucía Valencia-Dongo Quintanilla of Peru has pioneered the skill of connecting conscious consumers with social entrepreneurs through her website She revealed her vision to grow operations across South America. And finally, in the USA, Richard Mazzola offered companies and non-profit organisations a mutually advantageous social model planning to alter the face of corporate responsibility.

Even though the idol judges and also the audience were given the job of selecting three ultimate winners, when, following a rigorous competitive process, this group walked as finalists underneath the aegis of entrepreneurial wizards Doug Richard and Professor Muhammad Yunus, they’d the truth is all already won.


Escaping from North Korea in search of freedom | Yeonmi Park | One Young World


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