Women’s march: creating a mistake doesn’t cause you to a poor person

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I really like unity and optimism and pleasure. I really like it the women’s march was this type of large, worldwide event that touched the imaginations of a wide variety of types of folks. I loved everything. I loved the lovable pussy hats, I loved the biting signs around I loved the hopeful ones. People demonstrated up. People supported. Everyone was u . s .. For individuals people that attended and experienced our prime of engaged community, nothing can get rid of the beautiful memory of this day. We are able to use its strength continuing to move forward, and know that we’re not by yourself.


there have been also individuals who attended the march, that didn’t have the same pleasure, exactly the same unity, exactly the same community. They believed sadness. Alienation. Solitude. Fear. They believed silenced or even disrespected. Incidents where felt attacked or violated. I am not speaking about neo-nazis, conservatives, Trump supporters, or even the “alt-right”. I’m speaking about people who are affected probably the most within fascist government: trans folks, non-binary folks, people of colour, disabled people, sex workers, undocumented people, native people. A number of these folks didn’t even attend the march whatsoever, because they couldn’t due to physical challenges not addressed by march organizers, danger for their safety, or even the focus on “pussy” like a symbol for “woman”.

A few of these individuals have spoken out concerning the reasons they believed excluded or uncomfortable.

As well as their voices haven’t been generally welcomed, around the forums which i have observed and took part in.


Susan B. Anthony, white-colored women’s suffragist, had an opportunity to stay in unity with black people in america. It might have delayed the prosperity of the women’s suffragist movement. Rather, Susan B. Anthony made the decision to throw black people underneath the bus, to be able to expedite the best of white-colored women to election. She stated, “I will stop this right arm of mine before I’ll ever work or demand the ballot for that Color negro!”

There are more micro and macro types of white-colored women, especially, taking legal rights and rights at the fee for unity along with other marginalized groups, through the history of america and Canada. When individuals discuss “white feminism”, it is exactly what they’re speaking about. That’s the reason there’s a lot distrust for white-colored women at this time. WE EARNED OUR UNTRUSTWORTHINESS, Like A GROUP. Throughout history, white-colored women like a group have abandoned other marginalized groups for the own benefit. For this reason intersectionality is really important continuing to move forward. We, like a group, might be able to forge ahead faster when we don’t need to bother about the legal rights of “other” groups. It’s simpler to obtain changes to our policy, public support, funding, and jobs with higher salaries, when we don’t challenge established order and others’ thinking an excessive amount of. If a person doesn’t believe a trans lady is really a lady, and wishes to grant only cis women a particular right or privilege, can we take that right/privilege, or stand with this trans siblings, delaying the purchase of legal rights/rights until it’s acquired for those ladies and non-binary folks? Case an example of intersectional feminism: we don’t think that women’s legal rights are really women’s legal rights unless of course they include All ladies.

When white-colored women diminish or dismiss the voices of marginalized people towards their very own feelings of getting done something good, exciting, happy, and attempting to still believe in their own individual goodness, they’re ongoing a historic trend of white-colored women prioritizing their feelings, legal rights, and rights above other marginalized folks’. All we will have to do in order to make certain history doesn’t repeat itself in this manner is discover the word, “Oops.” If a person highlights that people kinda all messed up and also got overzealous using the pink pussy factor? If a person states they believed hurt or excluded? If a person highlights a means by which we’re able to did better? It could hurt. It sometimes hurts to understand we’ve hurt someone or done a problem. But we are able to learn how to say “oops”. We are able to learn how to say “sorry, I’ll try better the next time.Inches That’s really all that’s needed. We do not have to flog ourselves, feel guilty, feel shame, or get defensive. We don’t are saying #notallwhitewomen. We do not have to apologize for something we didn’t do, or think we’re a poor person to make an error.

We simply attempt to fare better the next time, and listening.

Resourse: http://quillcreatelive.com/womens-march-making-mistake-not-make-bad-person/

The Women's March Does NOT Represent ALL Women


Stride Tide: I have been trying to figure out which rights you women have lost…\n\nCould you help a white, cis male like me out?

Fascist Canuck: Oh, so 'White Supremacy' is not a thing? Blacks exist? As for you being White.. no. If you are Latina, you are MIXED. Hispanics are White. Poor girl, with no racial identity. No wonder you claim 'White' is not a race because you really know that Latina is not a race. You know you are a nothing mutt, hence your hatred of the White race. Run along darling, we superior Whites are not impressed with your inferior presence. 😎

Fascist Canuck: "BTW you do know that white is not a race? It is a skin colour"\n\nthen we have…\n\n"I A WHITE FEMALE shall help you!"\n\nand…\n\n" I'm white sooooo"\n\n Do you all see the stupidity of the mixed races? This dumb cunt owned herself. Too stupid to realise she is mixed, not White. 😂😎

Chrysoula Papas: So there's this other woman that spoke at a rally during a Women's March (her name is Donna Hylton) she was one of the featured speakers in D.C. So anyway she was a part of a group that kidnapped a man back in 1985. This group raped and tortured this man who died.She served 25 years in jail. Now she's a mouth piece for the women's movement. A person who raped,tortured and killed another human is now talking about how she's the one that is oppressed…and she calls herself a humanitarian on her Twitter profile. Last time I checked a humanitarian doesn't participate in the rape,torture and murder of a human. Look it up Britt it's a joke.

Sage Sealy: Omg that's crazy I just read it! How despicable!!!

El_boi_john 123: If a man did this there would be A HUGE shit storm

That0Homeless0Guy: Might I point out that after the march where lots of privileged and free women who had the free time to attend such an event, a small army of almost exclusively male street sweepers and garbage collectors had to go around and collect the millions of signs and garbage that these women left behind after the march. Not because they wanted to but because they had to.

Vincent Jacobs: Imagine being the guy to pick up those signs. Must've felt all warm and fuzzy by all that female rage.

Deplorable LDW80: Agreed Vincent those poor guys that had to pick up these disgusting women's female products covered in "blood" bc that seemed to be a focal point to these vile vulgar pos!

Noelle Crowner: I am a liberal Black women who supported Bernie Sanders but then ultimately voted for Trump in the election. Do I like Trump? HELL NO! But this is not the direction the left needs to be going. This is nothing but a corporate sponsored controlled opposition march that makes us look as crazy as the Tea Party after Obama won. Is there social injustices in our country? Absolutely and we need to fight against it through peaceful demonstration but this was just an anti-Trump circle jerk and he had only been president for 1 damn day. How about we oppose Trump when he fucks up (which will be plenty of times) and comend him when he's on the right track. To just oppose him str8 out the gate ruins our crediblity. I voted for Trump just to teach these rabbid idiots on the left a lesson and they're slipping further into crazytown.