I’m not a poor person simply because i voted for trump

In my opinion in showing each other respect, empathy, and kindness and never prejudging anybody according to their gender, ethnicity, race, identity, or beliefs. That doesn’t change simply because I cast my election for Trump. I’m still exactly the same person I had been prior to the election required place – Trump hasn’t caused some kind of personal transformation inside me — why shall we be held being checked out and judged differently?


I voted for Trump because I have faith that he was better fit to operate the united states than Hillary Clinton. I felt I couldn’t trust Clinton. Even though you delete your email, it doesn’t mean they never existed, and Benghazi might be previously, but we still lost 4 Americans whose families should never be exactly the same correctly. She trashed Obama throughout the 2008 election as they was her opponent, but all of a sudden considered Obama using the utmost respect and ambiance when she needed his support. Clinton was against gay marriage (she really increased up a Republican) until she recognized that supporting it might lead her to success later on. I needed a president at work which i could trust, who adopted the guidelines and also the laws and regulations and who I had been confident would be truthful. Within my eyes, Trump fit this criteria as well as aligned with a few of my conservative beliefs. For this reason I voted for him.

But regardless of what you think, regardless of whether you accept me or otherwise, I’d the authority to express my voice and cast my election within this election as with every other American citizen ages 18 or more. Simply because I worked out this right and went against beliefs you will probably have does not necessarily mean I’m a bad person. I had been excited to elect obama from the U . s . States the very first time, yet I’m scared of discussing this excitement openly due to the backlash Trump’s supporters have obtained. In whatever that is extremely debated, backlash is anticipated, but to possess people take a look at me with disgust when i walk over the Oblong with Trump pins on my small backpack or curse at me with the roads of Columbus when i walk having a Trump register hands is simply not fair. You shouldn’t judge me exclusively according to my political beliefs or around the political beliefs of somebody I support. I’m not a hateful person. I’m not racist, homophobic, etc. but I am fed up with being pushed into generalizations that simply aren’t in keeping with who I’m.


Regardless of what In my opinion in or who I voted for, I’m a person, exactly like you. I’ve family and buddies whom I really like, respect, and admire, exactly like you. I try to look for the best balance between play and work, exactly like you. I smile, I cry, I recieve angry, I emphasize, I laugh, I really like, and that i breathe, exactly like you.

Many of us are human and we’re all worthy of respect, no matter who we voted for.


Resourse: https://thetab.com/us/ohio-condition/2016/11/09/