Danny rand is really a bad person, and 18 other ideas i’d as you’re watching ‘iron fist’

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  • 17. Exactly why is Iron Fist area of the Netflix-Marvel world?
  • 18. Exactly what does Iron Fist want?
  • 19. And today I am concerned about the Defenders.
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Danny rand is really a bad person, and 18 other ideas i'd as you're watching 'iron fist' the billion-dollar

He’s a very strong fist that glows. It may sound stupid also it looks stupider.

Incidentally, this uses a lengthy talk to Danny and also the mental health specialist where the doc notes that "Since the incident, I am seeing more people who honestly believe they’ve superpowers." I’d a lot like to determine this guy’s story. Does he ever believe these patients, or does he just spend all his time unintentionally gaslighting them? If he does not believe them, why don’t you? He resides in a global where the presence of Captain America, the Hulk, and Luke Cage are public understanding! Why wouldn’t individuals have superpowers?

17. Exactly why is Iron Fist area of the Netflix-Marvel world?

I am talking about, I believe I understand why – if you are gonna have Luke Cage, the comic fans are gonna demand Iron Fist. However in other respects, he’s a strange fit with this gritty little corner from the MCU. Matt Murdock, Jessica Johnson, and Luke Cage are ground-level heroes with moderate goals, coping with immediate and private threats. They have got forces, but they are concerned about having to pay the debts or coping with obnoxious neighbors or getting distracted by awkward entanglements.

Meanwhile, Iron Fist may be the rightful heir of the billion-dollar fortune that has actual magic forces. Besides he stand out just like a sore thumb, his story feels mind-numbingly familiar. He’s Tony Stark without the charisma, Stephen Strange without the brilliance. Exactly why is he here?

18. Exactly what does Iron Fist want?

Danny Rand wants individuals to understand he’s Danny Rand. He feels obligated to safeguard the planet in the Hands, or something like that. And … that’s about all I realize of his driving motivation here. I should not be wondering what the purpose of this whole series is, two episodes in.

19. And today I am concerned about the Defenders.

Danny rand is really a bad person, and 18 other ideas i'd as you're watching 'iron fist' shall we be stuck

When Marvel TV first experienced business with Netflix, they announced these were making five shows: Daredevil, Jessica Johnson, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and also the Defenders. The very first three of individuals have been adequate that the possibilities of a Defenders team-up lower the road sounded intriguing, notable and exciting. 

But Iron Fist may be the franchise’s first real misfire. It’s boring and repetitive and poorly cast. I am much less looking forward to seeing this character return. It’s obvious Netflix is setting us up to have an Iron Fist / Luke Cage partnership of some kind, because the figures are BFFs within the comics – but it is honestly hard to imagine what this form of Luke Cage might want with this particular form of Iron Fist. And do not even get me began around the queasy chance of a comics-accurate Iron Fist / Misty Dark night romantic pairing. 

It’s far too late for that Defenders to complete anything relating to this, since shooting with that series continues to be happening for several weeks already. To become obvious, I still think The Defenders is going to be fun. But Iron Fist should prove a fascinating test situation concerning the problem with Marvel’s meticulously planned, hyper-connected method of franchise-building. 

Would they pivot, or shall we be stuck proceeding with whatever grandiose plans they’d for Iron Fist before he switched out to become a dud?

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Marvel's Iron Fist | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix


Gavin Rue: My name is Danny Rand. After 10 years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: To save my city. But my old approach wasn't enough. I had to become someone else. I had to become something else. I had to become the Iron Fist

Tinie Caspians: Gavin Rue yup..the story like the green arrow.

funny videos without sound: who is here after watching iron fist ?

William O'Reiler: Just found out they gave the guy 2 weeks to learn the fight scenes, no wonder they were kinda less than; then again this one was lots more a drama than an action anyway so I guess they were all small screen for stories yo so let's be all layers and fat stacks-o-metaphors n shit.

Drastic Gamers TV: William O'Reiler yeah they gave less time …poor guy

laksh verna: iron fist, sounds like a sex toy to me. ~harold

Durim Ba: Arin Banner When Batuko come to the penthouse

8 j: Umm I actually enjoyed this show Alot of the Critics are wrong on this one I loved IRON FIST.

jersey Mcgee: Whats all the hate about, this show is awesome.

WayLock: The problem is modern world. I mean since his debut in comic books he's white. But his character it's close with asian culture and martial arts so now days to not offend anybody he supposed to be asian. Next is the problem with actor he doesn't have any fighting skills at all. Everybody was expecting guy like Scott Adkins or Michael Jay White but they are to old and there is no established martial arts actors these days. I think that if they have choosen Dylan O'Brian (after American Assasin trailer) this show would have better reviews because he is method actor who is very comitted to the roles so he probably would take a very hard mma training on him and look legit. But Marvel have some weird love to hire GoT actors even if they don't fit the character but still are great actors. Don't mean me wrong I love this series and I would at least gave it 70-75% score but with diffrent actor or same actor but after some fight training 90%.