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Dallas’ social set isn’t what it was once. They’re more youthful, more beautiful, and much more eclectic than ever before. For the annual spring fashion spread, we selected eight individuals who make our city a much better, more fashionable home. Each one has a definite fashion sense, and all sorts of depend on creativeness to drag a dress-up costume together. We present the brand new fashion icons of Dallas.

The Designer

Name: Monica Algarra
Age: 28
Occupation: Jewellery designer
Favorite designer: Argentine designer Maria Vasquez
Favorite hiding place: The patio at Paris Vendome
Style icon: Elegance Kelly
Favorite film: Very best in Show

Monica is putting on Luca Luca silk dress ($1,250) and heels ($390), offered at Luca Luca, Highland Park Village. Coqueta chalcedony necklace ($170) and Coqueta double-strand gem necklace on dog ($65), offered at Beretta Gallery, Highland Park Village.

The Chanteuse

Name: Jenny Kirtland
Age: 29
Occupation: Mother and singer
Favorite film: Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Favorite drink: Glaceau fruit water in peach ginseng
CDs in her own changer: Mine and Polyphonic Spree’s
Latest obsession: Making my frizzy hair straight

Jenny is putting on Club Monaco pink tank ($19), offered at Club Monaco, NorthPark Center Christian Dior skirt and
platform sandal (prices upon request), offered at Christian Dior, Highland Park Village and Elizabeth Showers mix necklace ($295), offered at Ylang Ylang, Dallas Galleria.

The Gallery Owner

Name: David Quadrini
Age: 35
Occupation: Artist and owner, Angstrom Gallery
Style icon: Johnny Cash
Latest obsession: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favorite hangover cure: I do not get hangovers.
Most overused phrase: !*@&!*@!!

David is putting on Hugo Boss suit ($1,800), Prada button-lower shirt ($550), Nicky tie ($125), and Salvatore Ferragamo lace-ups ($325), offered at Neiman Marcus. Styled by Adam McGill.

The Social Butterfly

Name: Brooke Davenport
Age: 31
Occupation: Wife and mother
Favorite ’80s band: Bon Jovi
Style icon: My mother. She got me into fabulous designers a long time ago.
Favorite designer: Valentino
Favorite word: Gregarious

Brooke is putting on her very own vintage Halston dress, Cathy Waterman lariat, Louboutin footwear, and Loree Rodkin gemstone ring.

The Curator

Name: Stacie Martin
Age: 35
Occupation: Gallery director, Christopher Martin Gallery
Favorite word: I’m an British major, don’t cause me to feel choose! Insouciant.
Fashion philosophy: Put on that which you love. Labels don’t matter.
Best factor about Dallas: It’s where I met my sweet husband Chris.
Favorite drink: Mandarin and tonic

Stacie is putting on Luca Luca top ($320) and mule ($420), offered at Luca Luca, Highland Park Village Cambio pant ($345), offered at Graye Concept, Preston Plaza Bambu starfish necklace ($175), offered at Of and Coach purse ($298), offered at Coach, NorthPark Center.

The Entrepreneur

Name: John Bolke
Age: 34
Occupation: Co-owner, Forty-five Ten and Avant Garden
Favorite ’80s band: I’m afraid to confess it, but Spandau Ballet.
Favorite hiding place: Playboy portion of Doubleday Books
Item I can’t do without: My Small Cooper
Most overused phrase: Like it!

John is putting on their own Hermes sweater, Lv sandals, Cartier tank watch, and Bottega Veneta leather bracelet. Helmut Lang jeans ($240), offered at Forty-five Ten.

The Garments Buyer

Name: Liz Thompson
Age: 43
Occupation: Buyer, Studio Sebastian
Style icon: Carolyn Bessette Kennedy
Favorite hiding place: My ranch outdoors of Dallas
Favorite word: Love
Favorite ’80s band: Tom Petty and also the Heartbreakers

Liz is putting on Rebecca Taylor jacket ($355), William B. cargo pant ($172), Costume National shoe ($355), and United nations Apres-Midi de Chien bag ($245), offered at Studio Sebastian, Snider Plaza.

The Jazz Man

Name: Cameron Cruz
Age: 44
Occupation: Host and executive producer, Smooth Jazz TV
Favorite word: Misty
Favorite places to look: Stanley Korshak, Ahab Bowen
Item I can’t do without: My CD player
Favorite drink: My pal Jim’s whiskey sours

Cameron is putting on Prada eco-friendly zip shirt ($195), Theory cargo pants ($165), and Prada slides ($250), offered at Neiman Marcus. Accessories are Cameron’s own.


Age Reversal Wisdom and Experience Plus Youth And Vitality


rarmishaw68: This age reversal one is one of your best! A uniquely, uplifting combo of rythms and speech phrases that uplift my mind to an ecstatic state. Thank you so much I plan to keep listening to this one.

Comp Abrael: rarmishaw68 Although I do find this video to be questionable, there are some real scientists working on age reversal at the SENS Foundation right now. If you'd like to discuss it further, there are people in this ( Discord server that are enthusiastic about it and up for conversation.

3Elcid: Thanks for making me reverse my age – eternal youth.

KyReem Butler: I look young\n\nI feel young\n\nmy body is young\n\nmy DNA keeps me young

kéibia mer: because you are still young it is obvious

TheLordshinnok: Did you know age doesnt kill you like for example if your 89 years old being 89 years old wont kill you there is always a cause for death like diseases for example or falls malfunctions of the body. If we all die of old age we would all die at the same age. I never believed any body died of old age when people told people me. Its impossible to die from old age alone itself. Yes old age weakens you. I do believe there will be a anti aging drug in the future its not impossible. I do reasearch this stuff alot.

Mandy Dustan: Lordshinoc No way man? We already know that mate lol

Jemi Havoc: So death is not determined by the age, but the sicknesses and disease is what causes it.

knowwatamean: amazing genius material. MUCH appreciated. thanks!! hope you're prospering greatly.

Susi Sunshine: thank you lord i do want this every day , i thank you so much amen.