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I’ve also have an excellent interest relating to this individuals who produced trends backward and forward world wars.

The Vibrant Youthful Things, or Vibrant Youthful People, would be a nickname provided by the tabloid press to several bohemian youthful aristocrats and socialites in 1920s London. They put elaborate fancy dress outfits parties, continued elaborate treasure hunts through night time London, drank heavily and attempted drugsall which was enthusiastically included in journalists for example Tom Driberg.They inspired numerous authors, including Nancy Mitford (Highland Fling), Anthony Powell (Dancing towards the Music of your time), Henry Eco-friendly (Party Going) and also the poet John Betjeman (A Subaltern’s Love Song). Evelyn Waugh’s 1930 novel Vile Physiques, adapted because the 2003 film Vibrant Youthful Things, is really a satirical see this scene. Cecil Beaton started his career in photography by documenting this set, which he would be a member.

Impersonation Party, 1927: One of the revellers are Cecil Beaton (back left), Tallulah Bankhead (front right), Elizabeth Ponsonby (in spammy), and (front row left) Stephen Tennant as Queen Marie of Romania


Listing of BYT:Harold Acton

Patrick Balfour

Cecil Beaton

John Betjeman

Edward Burra

Robert Byron

Daphne Fielding

Edward Gathorne-Sturdy

Babe Plunket-Greene

Bryan Guinness

Gavin Henderson

John Howard

Teresa Jungman

Zita Jungman (see Nico Wilhelm Jungmann)

Barbara Ker-Seymer

Oliver MesselDiana Mitford

Nancy Mitford

Beverley Nichols

Brenda Dean Paul

Loelia Ponsonby

Anthony Powell

Edith Sitwell

Osbert Sitwell

Sacheverell Sitwell

Stephen Tennant

Henry Thynne

William Walton

Sylvia Townsend Warner

Evelyn Waugh

Olivia Wyndham

Henry Yorke


"The Vibrant Youthful Things" Book by D.J.Taylor


The 6 Best Places To Live During Your 20s


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