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General CommentSpeaking from general observations, as somebody who is getting to look at his family member ‘slip away downstream’, I believe this is among the best ever songs about dying. My spouse is really close her vibrant eyes, normally so filled with existence and love, normally glowing with vitality and pleasure, are actually hollow, gray and vacant.

I’ve viewed, heartbroken, as she’s declined progressively during the last 6 several weeks. Her determination has waned, depression has occur and that i realize that eventually soon her vibrant eyes will burn no more.

When will it start? Maybe dying creeps on us, very progressively, each time we fear it a lot that it requires from our appreciation of existence.

After I consider the sadness within my wife’s eyes, with no doubt within my own eyes watching her, I see fear – surely much more anxiety about what might or might not happen when she ‘floats on the tide’ than she’ll ever feel if this really does happen.

Dying is really a go back to peace and everyone knows it, but it is not necessarily the worry of dying that we’re scared of it is the attachment to existence. It is so difficult to release, particularly when the majority of us spend our whole resides in a mental struggle for survival, always attempting to build more security…like we are able to ever aspire to cheat dying and live forever! Greater we attempt to outlive and improve our way of life, the greater we underline and reaffirm our very own subconscious anxiety about dying, which within the finish always catches track of us on the dying beds.

If you would like my advice, spend just as much time as possible contemplating your personal dying (such as the Tibetan Buddhists do). It isn’t morbid, it’s liberating just the soul that’s at one with dying can truly appreciate existence without having to be held back by fear.

This song is among the easiest ways of beginning that journey. Should you participate in it and feel a tightness inside your chest, just like a star inside attempting to burn its way to avoid it individuals…should you be sad with sadness in the absurdity and unfairness of existence and also the futility from it all…if the song moves you to definitely the core of the being and also you yearn to produce your passion, yet simultaneously you cannot stop yourself pressing the repeat button and playing it again and again… If you’ve ever loved somebody greater than you love yourself, and most existence itself… ??? If that’s you, breathe deeply my pal. You’re the type who’ll feel the one you love everywhere, within and without you, throughout your existence. Ever present. Each morning mist and also the awesome evening breeze, during the cold months frost and also the fall leaves.

Art garfunkel - vibrant eyes lyrics the being and also youWhat goes on whenever we die? Where will we go? We go NOWHERE – NOW + HERE – turning and coming back towards the passive energy to be, the backdrop presence that infuses existence using its passion – our passion. So if you’re a person that’s responsive to that then you’re fortunate that you can to produce a number of individuals feelings now, when you are still alive and conscious.

Thanks Watership Lower. Thanks Mike Batt and Art Garfunkel. And appreciate allowing their expressions to mirror inside the mirror of your soul and in that way allow existence and dying to become a bit more mindful of one another.



Bright Eyes – Art Garfunkel ( with lyrics)


Celeste Krug: I love this song…

Stephen Foster: Mike Batt is a genius to write this. Art Garfunkel sings it perfectly.

Kimberly: Love this song it's really the first song I ever sing brings a lot of memories

mikedo6: My mom died about the time this was released. I was 17.  Still gets me.

Mada Gumilang: love this old song

Dale Stiffler: Rip Richard Adams

Erwin Van Damme: one of my all time favorites ..thank you for the lyrics .. this song make me cry …but also smille , because there is always hope for a better world ❤

Els Van Herzeele: fantastisch nummer!!

Siquijor Elma: of my age I listen this song for the first time I relate the song

Celeste Krug: I love this song…