Day 6: what exists is just imputed by mind

Day 6: what exists is just imputed by mind get fooled by these

What’s that ‘week’ is little else, nothing other, except what’s just imputed through the mind. Is certainly not other except what’s just imputed by mind. So, again, exists in only name and it is empty from the side, so becomes an very subtle phenomenon, the actual way it is existing.

So, now: day. Week is much like that, now your day. Whenever we consider day, how day seems to all of us, something real day, existing from the own side. ‘Day’ doesn’t seem to us just labelled by mind. It doesn’t seem to us although the way your day exists is just imputed by mind. So, now, again, the twenty-four hrs – because there’s twenty-four hrs, ‘day’ exists. What it’s, is just imputed through the mind. So again the ‘day’ is unification of avoid and dependent arising. Exists in only name, just imputed by mind. Therefore, empty of existing from it’s own side.

The hour: again, whenever we consider ‘hour’, real hour. The number of hrs the talk? I believe 500 hrs! Anyway, particularly with oh, understand I will educate yet another hour again – how that hour would seem to all of us. It appears much more inherently existent hour! A really painful hour! But tend to be useful to understand avoid simpler to determine the item to become refuted – the hour.

Anyway. The number of minutes? 60 minutes. So how exactly does the hour exist? For the reason that there’s 60 minutes. So there’s the bottom, and ‘hour’ may be the label – two different phenomena. So what exactly is ‘hour’ is just imputed through the mind. So, again, that’s totally empty from the real hour existing from the own side – real hour meaning of. existing from it’s own side. It is exactly what ‘hour’ is incorporated in the reality, the way the hour exists. What’s ‘hour’ is the fact that – what is completely empty from the own side, even though it is existing in only name.

Now, about a minute has the number of seconds? About a minute, huh? 60 seconds. Okay. So, again, why there’s minute happens because there’s 60 seconds. That’s the bottom, ‘minute’ may be the label – two different phenomena. And ‘minute’ is just imputed through the mind, therefore, it’s totally empty from it’s own side. It might be very subtle phenomena. Not too it ‘became’ – to the mind, the thing is. This is the way the moment is but we don’t observe that way. Now we the way we see is one thing that is very subtle phenomena. Now, this really is second or otherwise? [Rinpoche snaps his fingers] Huh? What? Less. This really is under another? Second is more than this? [Rinpoche snaps fingers] The time, tac, tac, tac, each one of these second. Making this same – [Rinpoche snaps fingers] What? This really is under second? Second is longer? You believe like this? Huh?


One one-thousandth second? Which means you mean you split that second for any 1000?


A- le, one-thousandth – what’s meaning?


but there isn’t any concept of the 1000?


Simply to create some base? Simply to state that it features a base. The 2nd includes a base: one one-thousandth.

So, anyway, so they’re same. Why ‘second’ exist – because there’s a lot of spilt seconds. There are lots of split seconds. So that’s the base, and ‘second’ may be the label – two different phenomena. What’s ‘second’ is just imputed through the mind. Imputed in link with all individuals split seconds. I do not know the number of split seconds.

Based on the four different schools, the 4 schools of Buddhist philosophy, they’ve different – the atoms, does not have particles or atoms have particles. Same goes with time. So there are various thoughts about that. I believe may be Prasingika School, atoms, particular atoms, they rely on another particular, like this. Also, time – different schools have different method of explaining. Like this.

So, anyway, the 2nd – all individuals split seconds may be the base and so the ‘second’ may be the label. And that’s just imputed through the mind so, therefore, ‘second’ doesn’t exist from the own side, totally empty. Like this. So, anyway, to obtain an idea – beginning in the year, lower towards the seconds, then including split seconds, all that they’re is certainly not except in what is just imputed by mind. They’re totally empty using their own side – is that phenomena. That’s what it’s. So much like that, the same as that, all of the phenomena are identical. We must understand, understand, all of the phenomena is by doing so. That’s the character, that’s the actual nature of methods the phenomena are or the way they exist.

So same the way the ‘I’ is: the ‘I’ exists because there’s aggregates, base aggregates. Therefore the base has label. What’s ‘I’ is just imputed by mind so, therefore, that’s totally non-existent, empty from the own side. So, again, it’s very subtle phenomena. It is operational but it’s very subtle. The clear way of existing is unbelievable subtle.

The aggregates: the overall aggregates, again, that’s just imputed. How that exists is just imputed through the mind. Just imputed through the mind because there’s collections from the five aggregates. The aggregates of form, how that exists happens because there’s each one of these collections of these areas of the body. So aggregates from the form are very subtle phenomena: what’s just imputed through the mind, collections of those areas of the body.

All individuals that which you call mind, legs, hands, each one of these – all of individuals, what they’re, is certainly not except what’s just imputed on collections of individuals parts – many parts as well as individuals parts, what they’re, is just imputed by mind based on another base. Therefore it goes lower to atoms. What’s atom? Atom can also be just imputed by mind because there’s particular atoms. Therefore the particular atoms are just imputed by mind because there’s other particles.

So beginning in the ‘I’, undergo everything lower towards the particular atoms – the entire factor, nothing exists from the own side. Nothing has any natural existence. Things are totally empty immediately. However that doesn’t mean it normally won’t exist. They appear in mere name. Beginning in the ‘I’ lower towards the particular atoms, appear in mere name.

Day 6: what exists is just imputed by mind Now, same factor, beginning

Now, same factor, beginning in the ‘I’ lower to – so, each mental factor and consciousnesses, all individuals, also, just imputed by mind, rely on another base. Individuals different ideas that have different functions. Your brain just imputed different label, ‘this’ and ‘that’ different thought which does different functions, perceiving different objects. So like this. Lower to separate seconds of awareness, go lower: second of awareness, moment of awareness. Lower to there, beginning in the ‘I’, everything what they’re, is just imputed by mind. So these types of totally empty. Beginning in the ‘I’, lower towards the moment of awareness, things are totally empty. So that is why Buddha stated within the Teachings, things are [Tibetan] ‘Everything exists in only name, just imputed. Everything exists just imputed through the mind.’ [Tibetan] Everything exists in only name, just imputed through the mind.

Tak-yer, ‘exist in only name’, existing just imputed through the mind – yer is ‘exist’, tak is ‘labelled’, past. Everything exists being just imputed through the mind. I managed to get longer in British. Therefore the conclusion is the fact that things are empty. Therefore the meditation in the year lower towards the moment, then ‘I’ lower towards the atoms – to meditate how everything, such as the base, the bottom is labelled on another base, like this. The aggregates would be the base to label ‘I’, however this label depends upon, general aggregates label is imputed around the assortment of five aggregates. They be a label after which it is operational on base, like this.

So like this, everything, in the ‘I’ appear in mere name, just imputed by mind. Making this, meditation is nice – essential not believing that ‘I’ around the aggregates. Not believing that way. There’s aggregates [pause] it’s necessary for think aggregates is… ‘I’ is just imputed because there’s basics, aggregates. Whenever you think by doing this it differentiates. If this differentiates aggregates and label ‘I’ then you definitely don’t think ‘I’ can there be. That point, you do not think ‘I’ is around the aggregates. That’s a essential point. That’s an essential indicate get, to look for your mind. To obtain the concept that there isn’t any ‘I’ around the aggregates – a minimum of to obtain obvious that concept: there isn’t any ‘I’ around the aggregates. When you are getting that feeling then it’s very easy the ‘I’ isn’t here. It is operational in only name, just imputed through the mind. It’s empty. That concept you need to get.

Then such as this, much like the rest phenomena. Then it’s extremely effective. Then that which you uncover, what it’s, how these phenomena are, the way they exist, is completely, totally something – what the truth is, is completely another thing than, thus far, what you have been believing, what’s appearing.

If you’re able to begin to see the variations then you’re able to be aware what may be the false, what’s the truth. What’s false inside your existence and what’s truth – then you’re capable of seeing. Then with this particular realisation or recognition you do not cheat yourself. Then you definitely don’t get fooled by these hallucinations. You do not get fooled. Otherwise, you think holds true like bad friend. Like bad friend, you think him good and trust, then cheat you.

Each one of these appearances, you think they really exist then, by clinging with that, which makes to carry on to arise delusion and make karma, die and born in samsara without finish, suffering in samsara without finish.

This is actually the path, meditation on avoid may be the way, is the only method, to directly cut the delusions, reason for samsara. Only by doing this we obtain liberated in the sufferings of samsara.

Stop here.

Mandala Offering, Dedication [not transcribed]

So, goodnight – in avoid. Thanks.


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