Trump bff, vladimir putin, again states trump is really a “bright” person


Russian President Vladimir Putin again complimented Jesse Trump on Friday, calling him a “bright” person.

Putin, who had been speaking in the Russian Economic Forum in St. Petersburg, stated he’d use the presidential candidates, but particularly lauded Trump for his comments on improving relations between Russia and also the U . s . States, based on the Connected Press.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Putin was requested about Hillary Clinton, but didn’t comment on her, rather praising Bill Clinton for his help.

Trump has welcomed Putin’s comments previously, calling the Russian strongman’s praise “a great honor” in December.

“It is definitely an excellent recognition to become so nicely complimented with a man so highly respected within their own country and beyond,” Trump stated. “I usually have felt that Russia and also the U . s . States will be able to fully trust one another towards defeating terrorism and restoring world peace, as well as trade and the many other benefits produced from mutual respect.”

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Vladimir Putin Endorses Donald Trump


zepbigfoot bearcove: I'm a Trump supporter on conditions. I will be honest. I don't care for the bromance between Trump and Putin. Putin by several reliable sources is said to be worth around $70 Billion. Not Million. Billion. Even if he's only worth 1/10th of that , how does an ex KGB agent quire that type of wealth. News flash people. Presidents don't make that kind of Money. Tyrants do.

Ben G: Russia and Eastern Ukraine have a lot in common with the White Nationalist.

Ilaria Morgan: what is the problem with America finally being friends with Russia . and plus Obama and Hillary created Isis

Christian Jackson: are you really that dense? You sir are very arrogant. there was always tention between russia and U.S. BECAUSE OF our last president. do you not understand that with a new man in power means these relations can be restored. you are a biased man

Thomas Carter: Mr Putin and Mr Trump can work together just fine 🙂

TheComedicDragon: I know i'm from the U.K. and all but i think we are putting trump in power for 4 years until another 2020 election

Julius Caesar: Lol Cenk why don't you run for president ? You seem to be very smart since you declare that Trump doesn't know a thing about foreign policy unlike the genius you. Anyone who knows something serious about politics and foreign policy will hate USA's foreign policy for the last 50-70 years and won't condemn most if any of Russia's actions so far. Also anyone with a brain know that "modern rebels" is a fancy word for terrorists just like " cheese pizza " is something else for guess who… . Again this video is proof that tyt is all about virtue signalling and sophistry and not about thinking.

Triple Eight: Go back to Turkey

Triple Eight: Jackass you got TRUMPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

badfeminist: Triple Eight Lol, and soon you will too! Sucker 😂