Helping Tulsa Families Deal With Difficult Family Law Issues

Family law and domestic matters are among the most complex and sensitive legal issues any person or family can face. There is much at stake, including the emotional, financial and even physical well-being of those involved. In order to arrive at a successful conclusion, it is important to have a law firm on your side that you trust to pursue your interests.

We offer expertise in all facets of family law and domestic relations, including Tulsa divorce attorney, custody and parenting time, child support, paternity and civil protection orders. Our team of attorneys and staff have been handpicked, one of Oklahoma’s most successful and influential family law attorneys.

We Understand How Family Law Can Impact Every Area Of Your Life
Our attorneys understand how family law can impact every area of your life and are well-equipped to handle the full scope of your issues. We have lawyers and paralegals at our firm with experience in a broad range of disciplines, including business law, taxation, corporate and securities law, estate planning, real estate and banking law.

We encourage you to learn more about the specific types of family law issues we can help you address, including:

  • Divorce and all related matters, such as spousal support, property division, divorce mediation and high-asset divorce, just to name a few
  • Child custody and parental rights, including issues related to parenting time/visitation and decision-making responsibilities
  • Child relocation, including instances in which one parent wishes to move out of state with a child
  • Child support matters, regardless of whether the parents are unwed or going through a divorce
  • Modification of court orders and agreements, including custody arrangements and support orders
  • Family law mediation and arbitration, which are forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that can help reduce costs and minimize emotional trauma
  • Legal separation, which is an alternative to divorce in which couples remain legally married but live separately and have defined divisions in their finances and parental affairs
  • Family law disputes involving the rights of the father or, alternatively, the rights of the mother

Unbundled Family Law Services

We offer unbundled services for our family clients who wish to handle the majority of their case on their own but still want to receive some guidance from a lawyer. Rather than working on a retainer, our lawyer would provide services by the hour for clients seeking help with a particular issue or process.

Family Law, Adoption And Domestic Relations
For all of your family law firm needs, our law firm offers the level of service and expertise you are seeking.