Ryu on returning to worlds, learning british and why he remained on h2k

Ryu on returning to worlds, learning british and why he remained on h2k where do you

AK: You’ve moved regions from Korea to Europe inside your Career. That which was that have like? Could it have been difficult?

RSW: Initially it had been very hard. I had been the only real Korean, and that i didn’t speak lots of British. Fortunately the very first European team solved the problem by teaching me British and also the team spoken with easy words that helped me to acclimate towards the region. Then it was fine, however the initial few several weeks were brutal.

AK: Have you noticed that the H2K support aided you a great deal because the foreign player?

RSW: Initially, not necessarily. However when there is an administration alternation in the organization, they began to consider proper care of me well, so that is why I’m still here.

AK: According to your experience of Korea, what are the variations between Korean and European mid laners?

RSW: I believe no matter region, the great players are pretty equal. The greatest difference being is the fact that Korean mid laners play strongly when you are conscious from the enemy junglers as the European ones just play aggressive regardless. When they get ganked they miss out, and when it normally won’t get ganked they win. The main difference isn’t within the skill, however in game management.

AK: You pointed out learning British. How did you’re doing so?

RSW: Initially they provided me having a teacher, but I’m simply proficient at focusing at one factor at any given time, after about two several weeks of playing and learning I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere. And So I told they which i won’t require a teacher and merely continue myself. I believe I acquired naturally better while speaking towards the team.

AK: As you are playing to date far from home, do you get homesick?

RSW: Since I’m alone on H2K, I believe sturdy half and half. After I feel happy here it’s amazing, however when I shouldn’t be around I truly shouldn’t.

AK: What exactly are some positive points about playing in Europe when compared with Korea?

RSW: You receive compensated better here, you’ve more freedom, or being able to learn British is very large for me personally.

Ryu on returning to worlds, learning british and why he remained on h2k speak lots of British

AK: Would you spend considerable time together with your teammates outdoors of games?

RSW: I do not think pro gamers escape much. My teammates don’t like heading out, so I am inclined to eat along with other Korean players in Europe.

AK: This isn’t the first time at worlds. So how exactly does it rival time before?

RSW: The main reason I found Europe initially was since it was simpler to get at worlds. Initially when i first went to the planet titles I acquired really nervous, and also the group that people came was harmful to us and so i wasn’t feeling everything great. Now I’m feeling better and i believe there exists a real possibility of which makes it from groups and so i think it’s better this season.

AK: Like a Korean player abroad where do you turn to possess yourself feel in your own home from time to time?

RSW: Because the LCS operates on an every week schedule, there exists a break each week, and so i spend time watching Korean dramas or variety shows. That’s after i have the preferred.

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