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5 U . s . States

United States

The Usa, or even the U.S.A. for brief, is really a federal republic made up of 50 states, 48 seem to be contiguous states. There’s two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, that are south and north from the contiguous states, correspondingly. The U . s . States declared its independence in the …find out more.

I am American, and i believe my IQ score of 144 is a lot greater than lots of other Americans. Many people within the Usa are fat. I’m not certainly one of individuals people, I’m quite skinny and am attempting to Put on weight. That’s unusual to listen to from someone within the Usa. Within the Usa, kids get C’s and/or D’s. Hardly ever would you hear a united states kid gets straight A’s each year. Kids in the Usa go home, ignore homework, play game titles on their own gaming systems, and lay around the couch watching tv, until the time is right to allow them to sleep. Kids within the Usa do not pay attention in class, and fail many things. Kids as well as ADULTS hardly understand politics within the Usa. Let us escape from the children subject. Since all the toys within the Usa were created safe, the dumb person percentage increased high. It is because within the older days, after i …more

U . s . States is most intelligent nation, cause best universities on the planet in US (like Harvard, etc.) Also this county have greatest quantity of Nobel Prize laureates. Even the Internet was invented in US. Additionally, it possess the Plastic Valley, NASA. The united states is first in science according by all rankings "The neatest country, certainly! " "Unbeatable intelligence! ". I am American and I’am a really intelligent along with a smart person like Swiss individuals are very smart too!

Irrelevant methods to measure intelligence. There is a huge per person problem. – DylannRoof

Sorry but Americans are simply really dumb, and i believe that Britain ought to be up here.

ENOUGH! quit putting u . s . states near or # 1. USA is easily the most ignorent nation around the entire planet. Canada has smarter people than the others dumbasses. USA calls bullies heros. They call Andrew Jackson quite the hero as he broked what the law states and didn’t spend the money for fine. And Columbus wiped out the indigenous peoples.

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J scene: Where are the black people at

jojojorisjhjosef: jeah, natural racism is a thing if you acknowledge it.

Anonymous: E.X.R.X LOrd always remember sports are rocked by black peoples.maybe you know all of them.1)Usain Bolt

Malcolm Dale: I don't understand how they left ME out.

rone muthalaly: you will be there in my next video " TOP IDIOTS IN WORLD"

mahfuj hossain: +rone muthalaly \nlol

1joehigg: It must really piss off the supremacists that the richest man in the world is a mexican and the smartest man in the world is a Chinese.

1joehigg: +Anis Matar \nI agree with everything you are saying but I must add another dimension. Inventions are not one-time independent occurrences. The Maya invented the mathematical zero on their own and can prove it since it's written on stone. It was invented independent of any outside influence, which gave them the ability to  pass it on to Inca and aztec architects,  mathematicians and astronomers,  who then went on to construct calendars, macchu picchu, and other mathematical and architectural wonders. Thus an invention can be repeated independently. The wright brothers got there first with an airplane but there were other aircraft inventors right on their heels behind them.  Supremacists are loathe to give anybody else credit for the massive numbers of non-white inventions but it's only these uneducated bigots who rail against reality.

Anis Matar: +1joehigg Exactly as you said. What I hate most is this issue of giving credits to certain race or nationality for what all humanity participated in. That and one must keep in mind that brightest minds and scientists who participated most never have discredited others and they always admit of huge achievements their predecessors did despite of ethnicity or colour or religion. 

Apocalypto Širola: Mhm ,yes , and me at age of two I was building Nuclear bomb … And I was sucess …