The 50 smartest individuals tech

The 50 smartest individuals tech For each whiz within

What exactly will we mean by smart? We salute intelligence, but additionally impact. Accel partner Jim Breyer is really a vibrant guy, but he deserves inclusion on Fortune’s list while he applies his mind to investments that have the possibility to alter lives — or at best lifestyles. We’re most worried about the current. Thus, you will not discover the Polish polymath Nicolaus Copernicus on the list, nor are you going to find Bill Gates. Which is not really a ranking according to pure IQ. Within the ecosystem leading to commercializing technological advances, thoughtful corporate executives are simply as essential as engineering geniuses.

To reach their list, Fortune arrived at to nearly 100 reliable advisors and experts to solicit nominations. Only then do we trusted analysts to assist vet our list, evaluating candidates based on their contributions this year.

We learned a great deal about brilliance along the way: None of Fortune’s smartest manage on brains alone. They’re disciplined, hard-driven perfectionists. James Cameron (Smartest Hybrid) spent fifteen years on his Academy Award–winning film Avatar. Likewise, they keep up with the courage of the convictions, even when confronted with great skepticism. When Mark Zuckerberg (Smartest Founder) introduced Facebook’s News Feed, users revolted description of how the contemplate it a core component of their online experience.

For each whiz within our survey there are lots of more who deserve consideration, and lots of we have no idea about. We’ve profiled several of these future candidates combined with the leaders within their fields. Tell us within the comments whom we missed. Possibly they’ll finish on next year’s list.

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