Designing for that seniors: ways seniors use technology differently – smashing magazine

Designing for that seniors: ways seniors use technology differently – smashing magazine see now

Ollie: Fantastic article. Many excellent observations which i agree with… I trained some elder individuals to be comfy with PC’s along with other stuff, I like explaining it to see them start getting fun, they are able to really remove with a few fundamental details and well-designed apps. I observe that most or many older and elder people are now using pc’s & cellular devices regularly for communicating, news, family, studying and interests. It’s really more the personality and mentality than age. Light mobile tablet touchscreens are ideal for when individuals get arthritic hands & aging eyes need bigger fonts. (High contrast text in graphical user interface links and buttons helps too). Some youthful individuals technology appear to consider it’ll never occur to them, which all elders are doddering fossilized senile fools more fool them! Many seniors people already have used pc’s and mobiles for a long time. Sometimes someone just must learn how to use new or new variant of the program or OS. Most elders I’ve trained who wish to learn but they are new at software use are typically in their 70’s & 80’s, because anybody more youthful continues to be using software gizmos because the 90’s. And they’re quite sharp, particularly with a relaxed, egalitarian teacher. They simply need some introduction on which the program does and why, at an advanced, and then they’ll normally have a couple of good sense questions once they enter into it. They aren’t dumb simply because they arent moving at lightspeed & have no idea the most recent 20-something slang (they their very own slang), and want studying glasses. Plus they really read. Plus they do email, photos, social networking, amazon . com, google, ebook, and different types of gaming… as well as full spectrum of other interests. And they’re a substantial area of the consumer public. So software Graphical user interface designers and media publishers should be aware. There’s profit it. Good Graphical user interface the perception of elder visual and cognitive changes happens, very efficiently, to become more effective for more youthful users. As you’ve wisely stated.

Duncan – what, you believe only youthful people look at this technology site? Well I am not youthful and I’M studying this! Who do you consider developed IT, anyway? A lot of oldsters!

Mike – hamburger icon may be the little stacked lines symbol, as if you see now on mobile phone applications for menu. Initially produced by Norm Cox for that Xerox Star that was the world’s first Graphical user interface.


Cyber-Seniors Official Trailer (2014) – People & Technology Documentary HD


TheoBrixtonTheKid: Wanna teach him how to use the internet? Fine…but don't you dare teach them how to train a horse in minecraft, I swear to god.

Angel of Sarcasm: I cried seeing this!!

Tyler Miller: Boy, I was on the edge about seeing this… THEN they used that crickets sound effect to denote a lack of audience participation and WOW!!! I"M IN!!!!\n\nHow else would I have known that the elders were far from an internet savvy group?\n\nseriously though, I will watch this, looks like a good movie.

Stephen Cordova: Looks really good…heart warming on some level

JustMeJustADude: Thats rly awsome

Ashley Dalley: I love this 🙂 

OLGMC: They aired the docu on tv today, was really interesting and funny to see the difference between the quite room in the beginning and the laughing rapping seniors having youtube videos at the end :P

StaceyCaldwell63: What a wonderful idea!

Sleven S: this looks awesome

Angel of Sarcasm: I cried seeing this!!