10 most intelligent people alive today

10 most intelligent people alive today Einstein continues to be with

For those who tell you they are so intelligent, the majority of you’re illiterate, ignorant, and dumber than my dog’s last turd. Remember, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you tell you they are, your rectum still points down, which six feet hole causes us to be all equal.

And associated with you Mr. Temba, now let’s hear the main one about “The Three Bears”. It’s certainly a lot more believable. With nearly seven billion individuals nowadays with numerous more born every second, there’s no chance you could ever prove you’re even probably the most intelligent from the nearest a hundred. I’m able to name twenty people by name at this time that may intellectually cause you to appear just like a fish.

And Susan, which was Groucho Marx who made that remark about refusing to become a person in a company that will accept someone like him like a member. Will Rodgers was the 2nd person to state it.

And Alexander, your vocabulary and lack of ability to spell or clearly express a concept leaves one having a headache trying to provide you with the advantage of the doubt.

10 most intelligent people alive today Whenever you

So far as Michael Langdon goes, He’s yet another individual who brags a higher IQ but has simply no creative ability, that is a waste of the high IQ. I had been part of his “Mega Society”, mostly a summary of snobs who’ll never lead one iota of understanding towards the human collective awareness. I left the audience, thinking about it pointless.

Another fact for individuals who think their race entitles these to any type of “superiority”??? The final funeral I attended, that individual only agreed to be as dead as Einstein continues to be with this last 50 years, and every one of his “intellect” couldn’t raise him from his coffin. Whenever you lol, “geniuses” can learn how to outhink the herpes virus (a 1 cell microorganism have a tendency to stays far enough ahead us to stay falling dead) your “almighty”, “brilliant” exaggerated, arses can dare to consider you’re much better than others, after which, maybe you may also call her “intelligent”.

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10 most intelligent people alive today Remember, it doesn

Top 10 Smartest People Alive Today


zymbia: 2:26 180 and what???

Yeshua Freak 7: It was so high he couldn't say it

Aliens Confirmed: Infinity

Jordan Lu: Is it just me or does this guys voice annoy the fuck outta u?

Anna Cardilli: Jordan Lu no

Teringventje: na fam i wanne slice the fuck out of him

Ali. E.: My IQ is about 20, because I am reading YouTube comments every day ..

Kirizake: this is me: guessed all answers and gets iq of 100 LOL

Charlie Zelenoff: Kirizake "Guessed all answers" Ya, looks like you do have an Iq of 100. LOL

Adam Taylor: Dude, just talk normally wtf