Dreaming about colors: an aspiration dictionary of colours

Dreaming about colors: an aspiration dictionary of colours this individual


Appreciate discussing your dreams. Listed here are my ideas.

1. The first seems like it might connect with a conflict inside your existence which may be damaging your inner child or something like that just a little kid would symbolize for example lack of innocence. Exactly what does the colour yellow mean for you? Could this be connected with being driven by fears? As you are seeing many yellow cars, I’d question if you’re either realizing more yellow cars because of the dream or if this sounds like a spiritual sign the training within this dream you need and there’s a larger purpose in existence.

2. Seeing an individual who has deceased (should you click my name and find out my profile, there is also to some hub I authored about dreaming about dying and dying in addition to one on dreaming about messages in the dead) can connect with processing their dying as well as symbolize part of your spirituality or how this individual influences your present existence. This appears just like a spiritual dream much like your knowledge about the first. Are you currently making greater spiritual connections and trying to gain in insights? The foggy glass and also the shadow connect with indicating mystery and also the unknown. Possibly you’re feeling some fears concerning the unknown. Your mother may connect with an element of self. Possibly you’re conflicted regarding your beliefs and ideas at this time. On a single hands, you might feel you could have spiritual connections and alternatively, you might feel it’s mental process you’re experiencing.

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Meaning of COLORS in DREAMS


CHANNELJOEL228: I loved john paul, I have shared some encounter with the angelic transportation where I saw the antichrist any ways blessings from pastor John Lopez

Jose Mendez: CHANNELJOEL228 What can you tell us about the antichrist?

paisleyyama: His comment about disquieting dreams from God always bring hope but those that show no hope are not from Him. I instantly thought of Joseph where the man's dream meant he would be executed. This was a prophetic dream from God that offered no hope only warning. So evidently even dark, disquieting dreams with no hope can come from God .

jackie jackie30: i have a Dream to share & Hope some one can solve it ,,i saw this last day this dream its bothered me in my dream God give a Gift on Me its a dress or shirts and this dress its look old stlye long sleeve dress but it can be modern too! ..theres a lots colors but God choose the Yellow One the colors not to Hard its something Soft in they eyes ..just like sunset and sunrise but in my mind i like the Aqua blue but God choose the Yellow one to me i saw also in front of the shirts or dress i saw three button its look like a Pearl but it mades of Gold …!

Jessica Williams: J. Salmon Kitololo yes it was a male mermaid but I did not see it's fin I just knew it was a merman. I do believe it was god that brought me down to the water (kinda crazy) but I never turned around I was at complete peace with everything. not scared at all. I never received something from the merman. whatever it was he gave it to god. it was like he bought me. The merman was in the middle of the ocean I couldn't see any land. he was just in the ocean his top half out of the water and he looked like a normal guy with black hair. I just New he was a merman

Chari Holloman: jackie jackie30 Wow! I just read your dream and it sounds beautiful. I'm good at interpreting most dreams, but I encourage you to look up colors in the bible and their meanings. Ask God and he will begin to reveal your dreams to you as well. 🙂 I noticed you said God gave you a gift and it was a dress and shirts. You also said it was long sleeve. This represents God covering and clothing you. You said you wanted the Aqua blue, which is a very popular color, but God chose yellow. 🙂 You also mentioned there was multi colors (meaning multiple gifts in the spirit.) Yellow is associated with the Fire of God. His consuming fire, Represents purification and although you wanted the blue by you allowing God to choose His garment for you to wear, which was the yellow, you obeyed the PROCESS and when we obey whatever process God wants to take us through, as we're tried and tested. We shall come forth as Pure Gold! This is the scripture thay came to mind. (Read Job 23:10) The buttons on the shirt that look like pearls but their gold I believe is symbolic. ( In a good Way) Look up gold in tne bible. God bless! 💓💓

Hero Senpai: i dreamt of looking down a perfect cirle shalow well made of blue, gray, white and reddish brown stones with 3 white or silver colored fishes swimming around the well and about 4: meters away from me my deceased husband was standing at the back of 5 big stone fishes . i dreamt about it a year ago but i still don' t know what it means

crazy world: everytime i dream in bright vivid colors it seems to be a visitation from a deceased family member or someone i knew in life..is this true??

crazy world: they are bright neon colors..i have even seen my 2 dead dogs in vivid color dreams…i dreamed of my fdad who had on a maroon shirt..i asked him how hw as feeling(he passed of cancer0i heard him say not feeling very well…

Victoria Charlesworth: I had a dream that I woke up from an incredible sleep &I was looking up into a bright clear blue sky. As I sat up I saw I was in a grave the same as the Jewish ones in Jerusalem. All around me people were sitting up in their graves that like mine had all turned from stone into gold. As I looked at the lady next to mine I noticed Hebrew writing along the sides as did mine (at the time I didn't know what this writing was but I was focused on the 'n' looking letter until months later I saw it online) I looked into the sky again,a rainbow prism like crystal was turning &turning then Jesus appeared in it with a white robe blue sash, bright yellow hair &enormous blue eyes. He put out his hands then down to His right, as He did this I saw 2 older men from my church zooming up to Him. They looked like tiny black shadows from were I was but I knew it was them. Then I woke up. Can anyone help? I have had lots of dreams from The Lord but this was the most recent. 😊