You’re not necessarily a bad person [most likely] – knowing unconscious bias tickets, mon, apr 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm


Nikola Halcyone Jordan from College of Nebraska at Omaha’s Office of Multicultural Matters will show to all of us on You’re Not Necessarily A Bad Person [Most likely] – Knowing Unconscious Bias. How can we try to dismantle discrimination and bigotry inside our own spheres of influence? Just like anything, the job begins with ourselves. Let’s start to uncover, confront, and try to control your own implicit biases, together.

Work of Multicultural Matters in the College of Nebraska at Omaha accounts for developing and looking after programs and services to guarantee the effective recruitment, retention, and graduation of underrepresented students on the campus.

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You’re not necessarily a bad person [most likely] - knowing unconscious bias tickets, mon, apr 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm spheres of influence

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You’re not necessarily a bad person [most likely] - knowing unconscious bias tickets, mon, apr 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm the College of Nebraska at

Jordan Peterson: The Dangers of Unconscious Bias Testing


tezzo55: 🙂 Beautiful! He said, “Bloody well!” and in a Canadian accent too! How good can it get? Love Jordan, he’s the man!

Astral Frost: The one dislike on this video is from someone who didn’t read 1984.

Sh*tlord Palmerston: Yes! Another arrow in my quiver when arguing with people who believe that we are inherently racist!

Nicolas Bedney: Is there an instance where thought policing is productive?\n\nAre any acts of political aggression or persecution where the target is the majority population destined to end well for the populace?

Trying to Figure Life Out: So unconscious bias is a bias that you are not aware of\n\nAnd a bias is a tendency to think a certain way\n\nSo you’re thinking a certain way.. and you don’t know you are\n\nSo someone may think a certain race is incapable of doing a good job. But they don’t KNOW that they think this. And so they don’t hire that race and they provide reasons but those aren’t the TRUE reasons..\n\nSo.. through word associations they are going to figure out if someone is racist? But how does that work? If someone says AFRICAN AMERICAN and I blurt out BAD then that means “there is evidence to unconscious bias” within me?\n\nI guess it’s a good idea on its own.. this unconscious bias… to try and discover what it is someone “truly” thinks.. but how the hell do you do THAT?\n\nSo.. AIUI, Peterson is saying first you can’t do that, you can’t figure it out, and you can’t change it, and even if you COULD, it seemed here he was saying “you seriously want them to retrain how you perceive things?!” .. that makes it sound super BigBrother type.. or maybe more like Big Momma who isn’t just watching you but also tells you how to think.. or is that Big Daddy?\n\nSo on one hand we think “oh goody we get our thoughts to be reprogrammed! But on the other hand it’s , ‘they’re controlling what you think and adjusting it to suit their demands'”?\n\nI mean..personally if someone told me they could do something to remove my racism.. first I would ask how do they know, and if they convinced me I had it, why NOT remove it?\n\nBut how the hell do I trust them if they’re going inside my brain?!\n\nAnd do they have good intentions? \n\nAgh this is confusing!

M. Lee: I remember doing the unconscious bias study when I was at the University of Western Ontario. I thought the study was so stupid so I purposely associated negative words to every black person I saw because I thought it would be funny. \nI wonder how many people in these studies were like me. \nAnd don’t get up in a tissy, I’m chinese and not a white male, so its ok for me to do something like this. Hahaha

toanthony: Its like George Orwel’s 1984. Jordan Peterson makes so much sense

Willhelm Berkly: I love how at 5:36 they both cross their right legs over their left legs. Subconscious mirroring behavior perhaps?

DocAmitay: Thank you for sharing, Davie Addison. For those interested in taking the test Dr. Peterson is talking about, here it is: And of course, if you want to see more of his talk in my class, please check out:\n

Iznaga1420: It’s possible for psyshometricians to get retest reliability IQ scores to about .99, higher than the reliability test measurement for height, on certain subtests. But God forbid you bring up to leftists how impactful IQ is and how relevant heritability is when it comes to cognitive ability. No, IQ tests are racist.\n\nBut Implicit Bias tests have shoddy reliability measures… that’s somehow the gold standard in psychological research for them. It gives them grounds to go beyond what Orwell described as a thought crime. They want to persecute people for unconscious impulse crimes. They’ll use the shakiest evidence to justify it as well, if that.