I’m a good person/i’m a bad person (2011) – imdb

I'm a good person/i'm a bad person (2011) - imdb turn for that

Author/director/producer Ingrid Veninger’s ‘I am a great person/I’m a bad person’ is an extremely engaging film – in the first moments on the watch’s screen -ironic since the lead character – Ruby, a mom and indie filmmaker

  • for the reason that opening intimate scene is totally disengaged. She’s so

dissociated from her very own feelings and from existence which simple opening act reflects this. This deep disconnect runs with the family, in her marriage as well as together with her teenage boy and her teenage daughter. When Ruby takes her daughter Sarah to Berlin to become her assistant for that opening of her film in a really small film festival(and that’s worth watching), things gradually have a turn for that worse. Sarah is harbouring a key to her very own and there’s hardly any real communication between mother and daughter. Both of them are emotionally lost in their own individual inner worlds and both of them are inside a major yet unspoken transition within their lives. Both have to change. There’s very difficult fix. This can’t be done together. Sarah, frustrated, abandons Ruby and flies to Paris to be able to involves terms with herself from her ‘oversharing’ mother. Ruby remains to wander Berlin by herself, sadly promoting her very obscure small film and meeting quite interesting figures. Author/director Veninger seems to keep your tension and ennui of both figures building to some perfect simple ending. The cinematography can also be excellent. The show was shot in Europe and it has at occasions a really melancholic feel into it. The minor guitar chords, the silences, the offbeat humour, where what’s not shared may also be more essential that what’s shared or revealed. It is really an intelligent film that talks to deep, unspoken longing – to appear, to feel love. A movie which isn’t afraid to carry the strain from the apparently opposite good person/bad person throughout us.

I'm a good person/i'm a bad person (2011) - imdb mom and indie filmmaker         forResourse: http://imdb.com/title/
I'm a good person/i'm a bad person (2011) - imdb so          dissociated from her very

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