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  • Spirituality frequently gets to be more vital that you us in occasions of tragedy, loss, suffering and illness since it connects us to both our greater power and individuals around us,…
  • Mark 10:17-18
  • Nobody is either just good or simply bad.
  • The One Difference Between Good People and Bad People
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By Rev. Kathy Bird DeYoung

Spirituality frequently gets to be more vital that you us in occasions of tragedy, loss, suffering and illness since it connects us to both our greater power and individuals around us, allows us to to locate meaning and purpose, and leads us hope and healing. Sometimes, these exact same conditions could make us question ourselves, our spirituality and all sorts of we all know. In our Spirituality and Emotional Health blog series, our clinicians and chaplains explore what it really way to be spiritual beings, the way it affects our interactions using the world and just how we very often have a problem with and question our very own spirituality.

Mark 10:17-18

17 As Jesus was beginning on his method to Jerusalem, a guy came accumulating to him, knelt lower, and requested, “Good Teacher, what can i do in order to inherit eternal existence?”

18 “Why would you call me good?” Jesus requested. “Only God is really good.”

Like a Clinical Pastoral Educator at Pine Rest, I train chaplain interns and residents to supply effective spiritual care. However, through the majority of my ministry career (14 years) I offered like a chaplain in retirement communities. It had been an incredible and humbling experience that i can accompany seniors within this a part of their lives, and God has utilized these to educate me much over time.

Nobody is either just good or simply bad.

When I think about the numerous encounters dealing with seniors, certainly one of stuff that sticks out for me personally is the fact that there actually are not “good” or “bad” people. Many occasions we hear people discuss others to be “good” or “bad.”  Along the lines some could even say, for instance, “She includes a good heart.” However, I’m learning there are just people—people who’re caught in difficulties and are attempting to enjoy their situation. Nobody is either just good or simply bad.

For instance, among the residents that I labored had dementia. Because of the illness he’d lost the opportunity to express themself verbally. He’d sometimes turn to hitting or perhaps biting, while he couldn’t say what he wanted or necessary for words. Was this resident a poor person? Absolutely not—he only agreed to be caught inside a difficult situation and seeking to speak.

I’ve recognized that, in some way, this is correct for people.

  • Many of us crime making mistakes.
  • Many are wounded from childhood abuse and bear these wounds into their adult years. (25 percent of ladies and 1 in 6 guys have been sexually mistreated.)
  • Many are under tremendous stress and feel overwhelmed, possibly with health problems or family problems.

All this impacts the way we behave particularly situations and conditions. The end result is that we’re all attempting to enjoy whatever situation by which we discover ourselves.

As humans there exists a inclination to consider when it comes to people being bad or good.  The simple truth is there exists a add of both throughout us constantly.

I’ve discovered, like a Christian, it’s useful to consider myself and every person I encounter as getting occurred in God’s image and preferred among God. This truth helps me to possess empathy instead of judgment for other people and also to reflect what’s promising of hope and healing with individuals around us.


The One Difference Between Good People and Bad People


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Gary William: We all need to recognize that none of us are that great. What makes the difference is whether or not we are trying to improve. Believe it or not, I think my religious beliefs have helped me more with this than anything. A lot of people think those who are religious are arrogant (and ignorant), and I agree that sometimes is the case, but because I believe in Christ and believe that He suffered for my sins and weaknesses along with those of everyone else, I see that I am no better than anyone else and there are SO many things I can improve. My faith and love for God and His children motivate me to have a purpose in improving… I am learning to see those around me have the same potential I have. There are so many conflicts that would cease if we could just learn to see each other as equals. 

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